Pet Owners

jaxi It’s estimated nearly 70% of pets presented to vets are going to get better without, or despite treatment. And, of course, there are those animals who suffer needlessly when an owner is oblivious to the seriousness of their condition. It’s often difficult for a pet owner to decipher: Is this something serious? Does it reflect pain or suffering? Or is it just going to get better naturally?

.Confused by conflicting opinions of the internet, TV ad-vet-orial, and community folklore,  many pet owners are desperate for impartial, balanced and locally relevant information.  Your regular vet, held captive by a waiting room of expectant stares, has to keep it brief.  Diagnostic pathways are often simplified, treatment options edited down, potential side effects omitted, and details of long-term preventative strategies may be put-off until the next visit altogether.

.The information here is intended to complement rather than replace a visit to your local vet; help you make sense of all the information out there; and empower you with the understanding needed to autonomously decide what’s best for your companion. We will also look into the bigger pictures that impact upon vet consultations, try to make clinical decision-making more transparent, and foster a greater appreciation of the difficulties vets face when making recommendations.

Included here are also case reports: the stories of loved pets and their owners, and how they responded to challenging medical decisions.  They are for public interest as much as education, on common medical problems, so readers can learn from the experience of others.  Some rare medical problems have been included in an attempt to highlight the difficulties of decision-making in complex, life threatening and potentially expensive diseases.

.Not all links, marked in blue, are yet live. This is a 3 year project.


Skin and Ear Problems

Why does my dog itch, chew his skin, and lick his paws?

Biting insects: fleas, mites, ticks and others

Allergies and strategies to control them

Products  – Drugs, Shampoos and Topicals


From the Pharmacy

Drugs and insecticides, old and new

Issues of toxicity and side effects

DIY Antihistamines

Minimising the adverse impact of pharmaceuticals



Life cycle and seasonality of Australian Paralysis tick

Mythologies and folklore; sorting fact from ficton

The effects of their venom and it’s treatment

Products for tick prevention

Arthritic canine hip

Mobility Problems

Why is my dog having trouble getting up and around?

Is it arthritis, spinal, or the weakness of another disease?

How do we diagnose the cause?

Surgical, medical and dietary treatments


Exit Strategies

Philosophical standpoints: Longevity vs Quality of Life

Guidence making the most difficult decision of all

Techniques and experience of the patient

Funeral Rites