Local Community

The information here is specifically directed toward the community on the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia. Here we can try to counterbalance the globalised online library, which threatens to crowd-out important, locally distinct information.  Our uniquely venomous ticks and snakes are the most striking examples, where local knowledge trumps global. Wildlife carers, wanting to share their insights  are welcome to contribute.

tick high

To view a graph of local tick paralysis incidence, click here


Ixoides Holocyclus  – the paralysis tick

Learn more about your local nemesis. Can you answer these?

  1. Must ticks be killed with insecticide before removal?
  2. Does a tick need to be twisted  anticlockwise to extract?
  3. Is it a problem if the tick’s head is left in?
  4. Should I feed the tick to the dog, to boost immunity?



Injured wildlife  – what to do

First aid for the roadside



Client pics:

Malu discovers beach

Zac and The Professor, lounging on Julian Rocks Drive.

Jack mastering at the Neve console at Studio 301, SAE

Herbie composing his mother’s day card