Dumbing-Down our Pets with Insecticides?

Three recent articles have revealed exposure of the fetus to Organophosphates (OPs), a class of insecticide commonly used on our food crops and pets, stunts cognitive development  throughout childhood. The impact was equivalent to lead poisoning.  Maybe the media is not solely to blame for the dumbing-down of public debate, and our fixation on unblemished food and flea-free pets  is contributary.


If you’re now looking to avoid these chemicals, they are most frequently found in old-school flea and tick products like collars, rinses, and some supermarket brand spot-on treatments. The newer, expensive spot-on treatments like Frontline and Advantage are not OPs, but their effects on childhood development have not yet been studied.

The commercially grown fruits and vegetables with highest OP concentrations include strawberries, peaches, celery, apples and spinach.  Buying organic, and peeling and washing will reduce intake.

Our dogs have been heavily exposed to these chemicals in the past and present.  IQ scores may seem unimportant in a pet, but when you consider that behavioural problems are the main reason dogs find themselves on welfare death row,  it makes one wonder how many of the millions euthanased could have been saved by avoiding OP use in the breeding bitch.

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