This blog is for discussion of veterinary issues ranging from basic pet care and health, through to the bigger pictures of evidence-based and comparative medicine, clinical decision-making, pharmacovigilence, ethics and sustainability.

Not all links, marked in blue, are yet live. This is a 5 year project.



From the Lab:

Can you guess which native Australian animal laid this egg?

cherax destructor



From the Pharmacy:

The truth about your pet’s medication. Drugs and insecticides, old and new, good and bad.




Unnatural Selection РBreed exposè of the month:

Up-front about the medical consequences of fashion-driven selective breeding.





Animal Pic of the Week:

Died playing her favourite sport

‘Can I Keeps It?’

Hot day

Ready for ambush

Ok, I’ll sleep over here

Warm ray of light

Amsterdam zoo advertising on buses

First attempt at taxidermy

Canine Dental Exam

Failed Flip

Lobster Arcade Game

Men Who Knit and Dogs Who Love Them

Only in Japan

Mother and Daughter

Reluctant swimmers

Cat singed by recent forest fires in Russia

Eyeing candy

Bull Terrier attack-frenzy overrides the pain of Porcupine quills

Dogs don’t care much for views

Racism in Birds

Strong yet elusive narrative

Rat with teddy

Canine victims of mafia wars